Dr. Kevin Ho & Daniel Bonnar – Everything Sleep Pain in Esports HPFORGAMERS#7

Dr. Kevin Ho (@kev_physio) Works as an Associate lecturer in the Physiotherapy discipline at the University of Sydney. He completed his PhD about the relationship between sleep and musculoskeletal pain in 2020 at the University of Sydney. A study of special interest to us are those investigating sleep interventions and their effects on spinal pain and osteoarthritis.

Daniel Bonnar (@danielbonnar2) is a clinical psychologist and masters graduate of the insomnia research group at Flinders University. And guess what? He is in the LEADING research group investigating sleep optimization and performance in esports. He currently works as a clinical psychologist for two professional esports organizations in Australia: Gravitas, and Ground Zero Gaming. Additionally, he works at the Sleep matters clinic specializing in helping a wide variety of populations improve their habits and lifestyle around sleep. Daniel is part of a esports sleep research group including Prof Michael Gradisar (Aus), A/Prof Sooyeon Suh, Dr Sangha Lee (S. Korea), Dr Ian Dunican (Aus), A/Prof Brandy Roane and Dr Dan Blum (US)

We are so excited today to have both of these experts guys join us in this wide-ranging discussion on sleep, performance, and pain in esports. After working with a wide variety of individuals and cultures across a few esports titles there have been… it is no surprise schedules for the competitive and professional esports athlete is often erratic. Sleep from what we have seen is not only undervalued currently in esports but there is a large gap in understanding how to properly improve one’s behavior and lifestyle around sleep. 

In this episode, we chat in depth with Dr. Kevin Ho and Daniel Bonnar about everything sleep, performance, and pain in gaming.

In Today’s Episode We’ll Learn About Sleep:

  • 0:00 Brief Intro
  • 1:58: Meet Daniel and Kevin
  • 5:30 Esports/Health/Sleep in General
  • 17:00ish Sleep/Pain Relationship Research
  • 21:00 Treating sleep in context of pain
  • 24:00 Sleep in esports
  • 25:00 Sleep research in Esports: What are esport player sleeping like? What’s currently being tested?
  • 34:00 Question: Perceptions of sleep amount/health in esport players
  • 35:30 Question: Sleep/mental health in relation to esport seasons/tournament schedule and contracts.
  • 39:00 Sleep and performance
  • 44:00 Speculations about sleep health across esports of all levels.
  • 46:00 What research of other populations can we learn from, due to the current lack of esport research.
  • 55:00 What can we do to improve esport players’ sleep?
  • 1:00:00 A challenging esport player case.
  • 1:10:30 Links for more info and contact

Key Resources for Dr. Kevin Ho and Daniel Bonnar

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