Travel and Health in Esports with 1HP | HPFORGAMERS #3

Welcome to episode #3 of HPforgamers!

This episode is different in that there is no guest, instead it is an open discussion between myself and Caitlin about how you can stay healthy as gamers while traveling. This means for those going to tournaments in the FGC, those aspiring to be a part of any professional esports (LCS, CS:GO, OW, Fortnite, etc) in which travel (most commonly internationally) is a major consideration with your health and of course performance. Additionally we speak about the importance of community and Cait’s experience at Game Developer’s Conference 2019

In this episode Dr. Hwu and Dr. Mcgee chat about strategies to maintain your health and optimize performance while traveling.

In Today’s Episode We’ll Learn:

  • Common issues with health while traveling
  • Strategies to dealing with jetlag – how it affects your health, sleep and performance
  • Utilizing light and supplements to battle jetlag and sleep issues
  • Better sleep with traveling: utilizing routines and cues
  • Sleep Stages and Cycles – Why it is important for you to know?
  • Caffeine Nap? A power boost from a nap
  • Utilizing Exercise to help with sleep
  • Meditation as a way to mentally reset in tournament or competitive environments
  • Dehydration and how it can affect your body (immune system) – strategies to stay hydrated with travel
  • How travel can affect your immune function, preventing the lan flu
  • Misconception about supplementation for Immune Function
  • How to take care of your immune system while traveling
  • How prolonged positions affect your body during travel
  • Movement and Exercises as a way to address stiffness
  • Game Developer’s Conference – How GD can use health & wellness to develop a community and help with retention
  • Community is everything in gaming
  • The episode wrap-up (TL:DR Section)


Exercise References (To be added)

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