The Best Mouse Grip of All Time ? (Highest Accuracy & Control for Aiming)

Zywoo, Donk, Monesy, Twistzz Mouse Grip (Valorant, CS 2, FPS Games)

Donk, M0nesy, Zywoo & Twistzz Grip


Is this the greatest mouse grip of all time?  Donk, M0nesy, Zywoo, Twistzz all use a form of this grip. Let’s break this down from a biomechanical and performance perspective


Background of the Zywoo Mouse Grip


This has become a more popular grip over the years but seems to be the most popular across the tac FPS community.  There is a reason for this as tactical FPS games, especially at the highest level, are primarily about crosshair placement & angle clearing (slicing the pie) vs. edge-locking. This limits the overall mouse activity needed. 

Tactical FPS mouse movement is also horizontally dominant in nature as evident through these mouse movement maps. Being able to increase control of the mouse for these relatively smaller angles is important and this grip can help with that.


Horizontal Mouse Movement (Zywoo, Twistzz Grip)


Biomechanics of the Hover Palm / Claw Grip

This grip can be considered a hover palm / claw hybrid. With this grip the finger contact points are shifted forward which effectively moves the center of mass forward. You can see this in the image shared below.

The finger and palm contact points are very different when comparing the hover vs. the standard grip positions. In this position the wrist and finger extensors are in slightly more neutral (relative extension) compared to the standard grip. 

Using this grip can increase the amount of muscle use on the PALM-sided muscles. Again the misconception is often that it can increase the use of the extensor muscles. This is only true when the FOREARM is floating.

Depending on the amount of downward pressure utilized, it may also involve the triceps but the downward pressure is mainly applied through the forearm flexors. 

This means anyone who is using this group should be strengthening / building endurance of these muscles and stretching them regularly between games. Here is a video you can reference to determine the exercises you can perform to prevent irritation of these muscles or to build up your overall strength. Or you can check our some of our wrist pain cheat sheets that provide exercises specific to the various regions of the wrist & hand

How does this grip increase mouse control?

Wut what is more interesting about this grip is that it reduces the distance between the wrist joint (primary point of control) and the optical sensor of the mouse. With the joint actually closer to the optical sensor, it creates increased overall sense of control. You can test this yourself and feel the difference in smoothness when you try the actual position yourself within the smaller ranges of motion.

Other Variables to Consider with Zywoo Grip

Other variables to consider with regards to this grip are the mouse, mousepad and hand size. Depending on the mouse skates & mousepad there may be a certain level of friction which can affect the sensitivity and overall control. For example using an artisan hien fx soft vs. MP510.


This is especially relevant to this grip because of the downward pressure associated with this style. The downward pressure can also affect the friction and feel of the overall grip. More downward pressure will create more overall friction and slower mouse movement. 

I’m sure the individual selection of mousepad / mouse combinations are reflective of the desired friction or feel from each of the pros who use this grip. Or they can just modify the pressure downward to get their desired feel. 


Individual Anatomical Differences

The hand to mouse size ratio is also important to consider. Larger hands (when the mouse size is the same) can also potentially shorten the distance between the joint (body’s point of control) and the optical sensor (peripheral point of control).  Again just some variables to consider and can explain why certain individuals might choose specific mice considerate of their own individual anatomy


Should you use the Zywoo Grip?

So should you use this grip?


This is probably what everyone wants to know. My answer is.. Use what is comfortable for you and stick with it. Everyone is different and as you can tell there are MANY variables that can affect mouse control (grip, DPI, sens, mouse, downward pressure, pad friction etc.). Yes you can optimize your mechanical skill for a specific esports title… but what are the actual performance returns?

Performance is multi-factorial in esports and there is an over fascination with optimizing mechanical skill performance in the space. While it DOES matter, performance is affected by MANY things and arguably at the highest level the mental game plays a larger factor.  When pros are in flow, the difference in HS% or mechanical skill won’t be too different. But the mental toughness and performance psychology needed to succeed over multiple tournaments, lengthy competitions and unique team environments is what often sets aside the Goats from the great. 


So Try it if you want, but whatever you end up doing, stick with it and don’t focus too much on it. 



Hope you guys learned something from this! This is something I really wanted to go over especially since it’s a question we get for games with wrist pain. If you have wrist pain at any of these regions shown here and you are looking for help


Get a quick-to-use tailor-made wrist pain cheat sheet here.




Questions, comments, thoughts? let us know below!

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