Research Transparency: Injury Prevalence in Esports

As esports medicine and performance research continues to expand, it’s important for organizations and individuals within the industry to share their knowledge and experience. Our practice should be evidence-informed, but our evidence must also be clinically-informed. With the aim of providing data from our experience as clinicians, we’ve historically done an end-of-year post with an overview of our interventions. We’d now like to take that one step further and share the more in-depth data from each year, starting from 2021. As the years go on, this post will be updated with new data, in hopes that it will be useful for ongoing research.

This data is explicitly limited to injuries diagnosed and treated by 1HP clinicians in a population of esports competitors ranging in age from 16-30. It does not take into account any of our injury prevention, fitness, nutrition, psychology, or other interventions.

Researchers are also welcome to contact us directly for additional data or for further questions using the contact form on our site.

2022 Data

Injury TypeIncidence
Hand, Wrist, and Elbow
ECRB/ECRL Tendinopathy6
ECU Tendinopathy33
FCU Tendinopathy22
FCR Tendinopathy3
FDS/FDP Tendinopathy22
APL / EPB / EPL Tendinopathy14
ED Tendinopathy44
Thenar muscle strain12
Adductor digiti minimi Strain2
Interphalangeal joint irritation2
Flexor pollicis longus strain3
Median neuropathy5
Radial neuropathy4
Ulnar neuropathy9
Extensor Indicis strain2
Extensor Digit minimi tendinopathy2
Extensor digitorum muscle strain4
Olecranon fracture1
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome3
DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis4
Scaphoid fracture1
Upper Trapezius / Levator Strain16
Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy5
Biceps long head tendinopathy5
Subacromial Impingement Syndrome5
Costovertebral Joint Irritation4
Neck and Back
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome14
Cervicogenic Headaches18
Cervical Facet Irritation8
Thoracic Facet Irritation3
Lumbar Facet irritation9
Lower Extremity
Patellar tendinopathy4
Hip flexor strain4
Medial meniscus tear1
ACL tear1

2021 Data

Injury TypeIncidence
Hand, Wrist, and Elbow
ECRB/ECRL Tendinopathy0
ECU Tendinopathy13
FCU Tendinopathy9
FCR Tendinopathy3
FDS/FDP Tendinopathy31
APL / EPB / EPL Tendinopathy32
ED Tendinopathy32
Thenar Muscle Strain14
Hypothenar Muscle Strain2
Adductor digiti minimi Strain2
Radiocarpal joint Irritation1
Metacarpal phalangeal joint irritation2
Median neuropathy2
Radial neuropathy3
Ulnar neuropathy6
Wartenburg Syndrome2
Distal biceps tendinopathy1
Interphalangeal joint irritation3
Upper Trapezius / Levator Strain15
Rotator Cuff Irritation (Infra)6
LH Biceps Tend4
Costotransverse jt irritation2
Pec muscle tightness6
Neck and Back
Lumbar Postural Syndrome3
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome15
Cervicogenic Headaches8
Cervical Facet Irritation8
Thoracic Facet Irritation5
Lumbar Facet irritation15
TMJ Dysfunction1
Lower Extremity
Patellar tendinopathy10
Femoroacetabular impingement2
Hamstring strain1



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