COACHIFY.GG Joins Forces with EHPI and IFoEC for Esports Coaching Excellence

In the world of competitive gaming, education, health, and coaching are of paramount importance. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between, the platform that connects gamers and esports competitors with coaches, the Esports Health and Performance Institute, and the International Federation of Esports Coaches. 

EHPI and IFoEC, two leading organizations that share a deep commitment to providing evidence-based education and professional licensures to the esports community, have previously worked together on educational initiatives for performance science professionals. The connection between EHPI and IFoEC has already laid a strong foundation for excellence in esports coaching, and’s integration takes it to the next level.

EHPI has been at the forefront of esports medicine and performance education, with accredited continuing education courses for medical and performance science professionals. With IFoEC, they’ve developed industry-standard certifications for esports coaches. This means the coaching services offered through will be firmly rooted in science and data, providing players with the highest quality guidance.

By bringing EHPI and IFoEC on board, aims to make these world-class resources and certifications accessible to all. Aspiring players, even those who are not part of major organizations, can now access expert coaching and education that was previously limited to the top-tier competitors. And since EHPI’s expertise extends to esports health and performance, including physical and mental well-being, coaches on the platform will be able to access EHPI’s resources to better equip their students for the unique challenges of esports.

The partnership will also ensure that coaches on the platform meet the rigorous standards set by IFoEC. These standards include comprehensive background checks, education in sports science and coaching, and a commitment to ethical coaching practices. 

By combining’s platform for connecting players with top-notch coaches, EHPI’s commitment to evidence-based education and esports health, and IFoEC’s high standards for professional licensures and certifications, the future of esports coaching and education has never looked brighter. Gamers can now chase their esports dreams with a stronger support system and more accessible resources than ever before. This partnership is a game-changer, and we’re excited to see how it elevates the world of esports. Stay tuned for more updates as this partnership continues to redefine excellence in esports coaching and education.



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