1HP, Akolyte, and RLPA Unite to Provide Rocket League Esports with Cutting-Edge Health & Performance Support

1HP and Akolyte, both well-established health and performance organizations specializing in esports, are thrilled to announce their partnership with the Rocket League Players’ Association (RLPA) to provide players with the support and skills they need to excel.

1HP is a US-based multidisciplinary health and performance company with almost a decade of experience. With an established team of experts spanning fields such as sports science, nutrition, mental health, and rehabilitation, 1HP has consistently raised the bar in helping esports competitors and casual gamers alike play more and hurt less.

Akolyte is an EU-based esports performance company founded by industry and academic experts. Drawing on their research and practical experience, Acolyte’s sport and exercise psychologists provide top-tier player development services.

The RLPA stands as a champion for the interests and welfare of Rocket League players, embracing a mission to support and empower professional players on their journey to success, both within and outside of the competitive arena.

The strategic partnership between 1HP, Akolyte, and RLPA is part of the overall growth of the esports industry. As players continue to seek performance improvement, it’s important for health and performance professionals to provide support. This partnership is set to provide RLPA members with a wealth of resources and expertise to optimize their physical and mental well-being, ensuring they perform at their peak.

1HP, Akolyte, and RLPA will collaborate on community initiatives to make health and performance support accessible and achievable for more players. 

This partnership reflects the idea that players’ health and well-being are of paramount importance. These three organizations share the vision of empowering Rocket League players to achieve greatness in the game and in their lives. Together, we are setting a new standard for player care, making performance optimization and well-being intrinsic to the esports experience.

Stay tuned for a series of exciting updates, programs, and initiatives!



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