The State of Health & Performance in Esports with Dr. Doug Gardner pt. 1

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In our very first episode we will be talking about the current state of health and performance in esports. While this can be a lengthy topic to discuss – our goal is to provide you guys with a general picture of where we are TODAY – with health and performance in esports. Dr. Doug Gardner is a specialist in the areas related to athletic development, performance enhancement and athletic transition – and has worked as a Sports Psychology Consultant across various professional teams in NFL and MLB. I have had the pleasure of working with him for the past year and I consider him as having the best understanding in both the art and science of helping players develop themselves within a system to optimize performance.

On Today’s Episode We’ll Learn:

  • Who we are, introduction into the podcast
  • Matt’s preface on where we are with health & performance in esports 
  • Doug’s take on the state of health and performance in esports, narrative shift
  • Tipping point with Health & Performance, importance of value demonstration
  • Esports is community Driven, trickle up effect from grassroots
  • Physical Therapists and their important role in Esports health & performance
  • Bridging the gap – helping teams understand who and what to hire 
  • Barriers and Hurdles Doug has experienced in Gaming, similarities with traditional sport and other disciplines
  • Integration into esports organizations, education is key due to lack of exposure
  • Understanding the community to enter the space
  • What does the administrative side of esports need to understand
  • Barriers are opportunities for growth
  • Relationships are king in any industry for buy-in
  • Esports is NOT traditional sport, nuances are important to understand for implementation of structure
  • What can medical professionals do further to prepare themselves for work in esports
  • Culture & environment created helps with buy-in in esports
  • Player Development & systems on the league-front in esports


Key Resources for Doug Gardner:

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Again thank you to Dr. Doug Gardner for joining us on this episode this week, until next time!


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