Exercises for Gamers: Reduce Slouching

Exercise: Mid Back Extension with Cervical Extension
Frequency and Duration: 2×10 (5”), 2x/day (during gaming break)

The purpose of this exercise is to increase the mobility of the midback as the middle part of your spine acts as an important base for your neck. If the midback does not move well, it becomes easier for the neck joints to become overstressed. This exercise focuses on both midback mobility and neck control

You can perform this exercise right in front of your table as long as you have a cushion or pillow to protect your knees. You will be placing the pillow in the ground with your legs touching the pillow as shown. Make a fist and keep your elbows straight, then place the bottom of the fist on the table as shown. Tighten your stomach and lean forward to feel the stretch in your midback or shoulders. From there tuck your chin and slowly look up throughout the duration of the 3”. Repeat it 12x as prescribed.



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