Exercises for Gamers: Neck Towel Mobilization

Exercise: Neck Towel Mobilization
Frequency and Duration: 12×5”, 2x/day (or after a gaming session)

To perform this exercise you will need a towel or a long theraband. Place the center of the towel at your neck while holding the towel at the ends or if it is quite long a forearms length away from your neck as shown. To target small joints at the RIGHT side of your neck – bring the left side of the towel down to create tension.  Rotate your head, looking to the LEFT while create extra pressure with the towel at the area shown. (slightly to the right of the center of your neck). This is helping to mobilize the joint at that specific area of the neck.

Repeat this on both sides and you can move up and down ½ inch to target different segments. Making sure to do a full dosage for each segment! Start in the center of your neck and feel for how each of the joints feel – those that are more stiff will often feel slightly sore



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