Exercises for Gamers: Neck Stretches

Exercise: Upper Trap Stretch
Frequency and Duration: 3×20″, 2x/day (Or after gaming session)

The purpose of this exercise is to relieve stiffness/tightness from the muscles in the neck being overused. The stiffness from these muscles can cause extra compressive stress on your neck joints so we need to make sure we can normalize length to alleviate this compressive stress.

You can perform this exercise right in your chair or in standing if you’d like. All you have to do is first begin by slightly tucking your chin, then tilting your left ear to your left shoulder until you feel a stretch in your trapezius as shown. Do this for 15 seconds and then turn your head to your left and look into your shoulder. The stretching sensation should shift more posteriorly (or to the back). Make sure you are feeling no pain but only a moderate stretching sensation. Repeat on both sides!



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