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Elliot Smithson (@1HP_Medic) is the first Esports Medicine Clinical Intern with 1HP, a Student Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer and EMT working in esports to help our community play more and hurt less. More about his story here

In this episode we introduce Elliot as the first Esports Medicine Intern with 1HP and then go through an episode of healthgamefaqs – answering the common questions we have received through our work with gamers.

In Today’s Episode We’ll Learn:

  • Elliot’s Background – History in gaming, currently playing and streaming fortnite
  • Professional Background, Board Certified Athletic Trainer – WORKED AT DISNEY??
  • Marshall U – Opened up a program for Wellness in Performing Artists – Worked with Musicians
  • Why Musician’s are similar to Gamers
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Pursuit and his rationale for choosing St. Augustine – where is he now?
  • What he wants to accomplish in Esports – creating a culture of holistic wellness and more
  • Holistic Performance and Wellness stratification in Esports – early stages
  • Is it okay for me to have a vertical keyboard? Heard it can be bad for your wrists – My perspective: YES IT IS. KEY CONSIDERATIONS
  • Elliot’s Perspective on the vertical keyboard – performance considerations. Look at what your wrists neutral is based on ulnar variance
  • Shoulder Position with a vertical keyboard – Stress to the subacromial space
  • Guidance on how to approach using vertical keyboards
  • Are you playing with color blind mode? Night Shift / Night Light Mode
  • Limiting blue light consumption for appropriate melatonin release: affect on circadian rhythm
  • More about science of blue light, its potential benefits? how you can optimize your light management
  • Is mouse sensitivity and DPI related to your wrist pain? Yes, ther eis a relationship
  • Sensitivity as a good initial consideration – posture, mouse-to-hand size, mouse grip
  • Mouse sensitivity and acute strain – Overwatch Example
  • Holistic Approach for Wrist Pain – Zoom out of your tunnel vision: Elliot’s Perspective
  • Quick Review of 3 Questions
  • Final Wrap Up


Key Resources for Elliot Smithson:

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