Blood Flow Restriction in Gaming, Neuromuscular Activation and RBE | Evidence Based Esports #4

Evidence Based Esports Episode 4

Hello everyone welcome back! This video is a little different than our usual pieces of content and is tailored more for those practicing esports medicine or working as support staff in the community. This episode is part of a series we have called Evidence-Based Esports where we break down research articles into digestible content for you guys to learn how to better help gamers with the topic we are researching.

In Today’s Episode We’ll Learn:

0:50 – Introduction to the article, The effect of eccentric exercise with blood flow restriction on neuromuscular activation,
microvascular oxygenation, and the repeated bout effect
1:08 – Defining Eccentric Exercise, Repeated bout effect
3:05 – Study design, inclusion/exclusion criteria, subject recruitment
10:20 – What measures did they look at in this study? Hemoglobin concentration, ROM, %MVIC, Muscle Soreness, VAS, etc.
12:20 – What were the results of the study?
13:41 – Why we would expect to see increased neuromuscular activation in BFR?
16:18 – Tendinopathy and BFR – Increasing motor drive, local healing, HGH. Potential for future research?
17:28 – Tendon Neuroplastic Training and potential relationship to BFR? CSE changes to reduce pain
19:55 – Are the results of the study generalizable? Clinical significance
22:31 – Is this valuable in trained populations?
26:45 – Shortcomings of the study
28:35 – Suggestions for future research – Heat shock proteins on RBE, implication with BFR and type of contraction


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