1HP Welcomes Elliot Smithson (PerformanceMed)

Horde Members, Meet your new support hero

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce Elliot Smithson, M.S, ATC, SPT (future Doctor of Physical Therapy) will be the first to participate in 1HP’s Esports Internship Program and will also be joining the team here as a (future) staff Esports Physical Therapist. 

His journey in gaming

Hi There! My name is Elliot and among other things I love gaming. I’ve been playing games since the NES and have worked my way through all the classic consoles throughout the generations. Titles I loved playing included Zelda, Mario, Halo, Super Smash Bros, etc. I made the switch to PC gaming in high school when I started a 10 year streak with World of Warcraft. I’ve always loved competitive play and was one of the top 20 shamans in the nation for WOD Challenge Modes. I made the switch from PVE to PVP full time when I started Physical Therapy school and jumped on the Fortnite bandwagon. I became fascinated with the building and shooting mechanics and the high level 3D strategy involved. Now I currently make and stream Fortnite Creative maps that are designed to help casual players get good and pros refine their skills in scrim scenarios.

Outside of gaming, I enjoy many hobbies some of which include, rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, skiing, and even some fire spinning. I also practiced mixed martial arts for 15 years and ended my career with a World Championship win in Team Fight Choreography at the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) U.S. Open in 2013

As for my career, I’m a board-certified Athletic Trainer, Emergency Medical Technician, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. (Pending Dec ’19) I’ve been practicing sports medicine in all kinds of setting since 2013 and I’ve worked with organizations such as Disney, Varsity, EXOS, The University of Central Florida, and Marshall University. A good amount of my career has been spent specializing in performing artist populations, (musicians, dancers, stunt performers, etc) and I love working with highly motivated, elite performers no matter what setting. Research performed and published on the biomechanics of musicians can be found here.

My transition into esports medicine was born out of a love of performance medicine and the similarities that high level esports athletes share with high level performers such as professional musicians. I believe that the community of competitive esports can greatly benefit from the same knowledge and expertise that we have been able to deliver to the traditional sport, performing arts, and industrial settings. I believe that the interventions we are able to deliver as health care professionals can not only prevent and manage injury but also improve performance at the highest levels of competition.

I am incredibly excited to join the team at 1HP and look forward to creating the best content possible to improve your health and performance as gamers!  


Hey guys, Matt here again… we are so excited to have Elliot join our team here at 1HP. Continuing to develop a great team of individuals is a key part of our mission to improve the standards of health and performance for our community. Elliot fits in perfectly with what we believe in and as you can see for yourself – he is a huge gamer himself. We will not only be working together to create some great content to keep the community healthy but also will be actively working to improve the practice of esports medicine and performance through our work with professional teams. 

I am looking forward to everything we will be able to accomplish together and know that this is just the beginning! 

You can learn more about his background and answers frequently asked questions about esports health and performance in one of our latest podcast episodes of HP for gamers. You can also check out one of his first articles with 1HP about Concussions and Gaming



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