Exercises for Gamers: The Iliotibial Band (ITBand) and Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL)

MuscleITB and TFL
Frequency&DurationTotal 1-2 Minutes, 30-60 Seconds each side, Longer Durations have been shown to produce greater gains in flexibility!

The iliotibial tract is a thin band of tissue along the outside of your thigh is connected to the tensor fascia latae muscle. The ITB is often misunderstood as being “tight” however does not have contractile tissue – it is more associated with tightness in the tensor fascia latae which can occur after prolonged sitting, especially if we sit with our knees far apart. When pressure is placed on either of these it can be quite sensitive so approach this exercise slowly and with caution J

This exercise has two components – we are first targeting the TFL then moving toward the ITB. Place the foam roller on the TFL and roll along the muscle belly as shown in the GIF below. Use your hands and opposite knee to control movement up and down along the muscle belly. Start from the pelvis and roll down toward the knee. Be aware that you are rolling on the OUTSIDE of your pelvis and along the outside of your thigh

Roll slowly (think 7-10 seconds from the outer pelvis/thigh to the knee) along the muscle and apply moderate pressure. Your goal is to feel mild to moderate discomfort and stopping at tender points to allow “trigger points” to release.




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