Exercises for Gamers: Foam Rolling the Lower Back Muscles and Fascia

Muscle Lumbar (low-back) Paraspinals, Thoracolumbar Fascia
Frequency&Duration 1-2 Minutes, Longer Durations have been shown to produce greater gains in flexibility!

These muscles are often overstretched when we sit in the “flexed” position. If we sit in the “extended” position these muscles often stiffen up so foam-rolling this muscle group can be helpful in relaxing our muscles and unloading the joints of the lower back. It can also facilitate more blood flow to improve healing times.

To perform this exercise place the foam roller behind you aligned perpendicular to your back. Lean back onto the foam roller to target your lower back with your feet supported and your hands either supporting your head or the ground to have better control (do what feels most comfortable for you!). Start closer to your butt and roll toward your mid-back.

Roll slowly (think 7-10 seconds from butt to mid-back) along the muscle and apply moderate pressure. Your goal is to feel mild to moderate discomfort and stopping at tender points to allow “trigger points” to release.




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