Exercises for Gamers: Foam Rolling the Butt (Glutes & Piriformis)

Muscle Glute Max/Med/Min, Piriformis
Frequency&Duration Total 1-2 Minutes, 30-60 Seconds each side, Longer Durations have been shown to produce greater gains in flexibility!

These are also muscles which can become stiff or tight from prolonged sitting, especially when sitting in the “flexed” position.  The stiffness can make it more difficult to sit with a more neutral position and can also cause increased stress on the lower back.

To perform this exercise you will be sitting on top of the foam roller one buttcheek at a time. Use your opposite knee and two hands behind you on the ground to control the movement and pressure on the foam roller. Start at your pelvis and roll down towards the beginning of the posterior thigh.

Roll slowly (think 7-10 seconds from the pelvis to start of thigh) along the muscle and apply moderate pressure. Your goal is to feel mild to moderate discomfort and stopping at tender points to allow “trigger points” to release




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