Exercises for Gamers: Seated Trunk Flexion

Exercise: Seated Trunk Flexion

Frequency and Duration: 4×15-20, 3x/day

The purpose of this exercise is to stretch the overactive muscles of your lower back (paraspinals) and allow them to relax. Stretching can also facilitate healing (align the fibers in the optimal orientation during the healing process)

Start by sitting at the edge of your chair and open your legs to allow for space for your trunk to bend. Keep your feet on the ground and bend toward the ground until you feel a stretch in your lower back. You may have some hamstring or groin tightness which you will also feel. The goal is to round your back and feel the stretch more there. It is okay if you still feel slight stretching at your groin. Hold for about 15-20 seconds and repeat 4 times




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