Exercises for Gamers: Prone Press-Up

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Type: Mobility

Frequency and Duration: 12×5”, 1x/day

The purpose of this exercise is to allow the joints lower back to move more in the direction of extension (backwards) but also to stretch abdominals which are commonly overactive or short/stiff in the flexed position of the back.

To perform this exercise – lie on the floor (preferably on a 1HP Mat if you have one) and while keeping your pelvis against the ground, use your hands to press and allow your chest to come off of the ground. At the same time you will be looking up and allow your chest to come through during the motion to stretch your mid-back and abdominals. Hold the end-position for 5 seconds. It is OK to feel mild discomfort in your lower back (rated 3/10 on a scale of discomfort) but if you feel moderate aching in your lower back you are moving TOO far into the motion.

Bring yourself right before the point of pain. Remember, the purpose of this to allow the back to move better and stretch the abdominals.




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