Exercises for Gamers: Plank with Abdominal Activation

Exercise: Plank with cues for abdominal activation

Frequency and Duration: 3 X 1 Minute (or until you fail)

The purpose of this exercise is to increase the strength of our abdominals as they are often over lengthened/weak in the extended position. This exercise also assists in our ability to activate our core as we often develop impaired or reduced control when we sit for extended periods of time.

Hold the plank position (on your forearms) and ensure from your shoulders down to your feet are in a straight line (as shown in the picture. Make sure you keep your stomach tight (bracing – imagine as though you are about to tighten your stomach to brace for a punch) and engage your shoulders while holding this position. Remember the main purpose of this exercise is for your core and abdominals though! Hold for 1 minute or until you fail and perform 3x




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