Exercises for Gamers: Pelvic Tilt with Active Shoulders

Exercise: Pelvic Tilt with Active Shoulders

Type: Coordination

Frequency and Duration: 3×10 Slow and Controlled Repetitions

This exercise allows us to better control the position of our lower back – with neutral being the ideal position. For an added bonus it also engages the most commonly used muscles (rotator cuff and scapular muscles) with the use of the band.

This exercise starts in the seated position. For the pelvic tilt, begin by sitting upright and roll your pelvis forward. This will arch your lower back (picture 1) – You should only feel a mild discomfort in this position (a gentle stretching sensation at the middle of your lower back). From there slouch and round your lower back to allow your pelvis to roll back (picture 2).This is the primary movement of the exercise. Each repetition will involve rocking back and forth between this.

While performing the pelvic tilt repetitions you will be maintaining the upright positioning of your mid-back (yes they are segmented differently). You will be gently squeezing your shoulder blades back and rotating the band out to roughly 30-45 degrees. For a gif of this exercise – click here!

Move slowly back and forth while maintaining active shoulders and repeat 10x




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