Exercises for Gamers: Hip Thrust/Bridging

Exercises for Gamers: Hip Thrust/Bridging


Frequency and Duration: 3×10

The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen your butt (glutes) as they are often lengthened/weakened in the extended position of the lower back.

For this exercise you will just need your chair – support your upper back on the chair and allow your hips to fold to reach the starting position? You do not need to have your buttocks touch the ground. From the semi-folded position thrust your hips forward and squeeze at your butt. Perform 10 repetitions and in order to get out of the position allow yourself to sit down onto the ground. Make sure your chair is supported so you don’t push the chair away from yourself

If this is too difficult to perform – see the bridge exercise below.

Start with your back on the ground with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Raise your butt off of the floor, thrust your hips up toward the ceiling and squeeze your butt. It is important you feel your butt tighten with this exercise and there is no sensation in the lower back. Perform 10 repetitions



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