Exercises for Gamers: Anti-Sitting Mobility Routine

Hey Gamers!

This is a short video where I demonstrate a mobility flow (series of exercises meant to be performed one after each other) designed to work against the stresses of sitting. It is a full-body stretching routine to get the blood flowing before a gaming session and can also be used afterwards when we are feeling stiff from sitting for the 3-4 hours. The total routine will take 8 minutes and is meant to be performed twice in a row!

Feel Better as a Gamer: The Anti-Sitting Exercise Routine


Gaming Exercise Details:

Exercise Type: Stretching, Functional Exercises

Duration: 8 Minutes


5x Ab Bracing with Floor/Ceiling Reach

5x Lunge with Reach and Twist on both sides

5x Bent-Over Twist

30 sec Groin Stretch Squats

30 sec Split the floor squats

5x Calf Stretch with reach on both sides

5x Chest opening with elbows

5x biceps stretch with breathing


Try it out and share it with your fellow gamer 🙂 Until next time… keep it moving gamers



Questions, comments, thoughts? let us know below!

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