Exercises for Gamers: 5-Minute Full-Body Warmup v1

Hey Gamers! Here is another 1HP exercise routine! This is a five-minute full body warm-up which targets muscles which tend to be weaker from sitting for prolonged periods of time. Not only that, it helps get some more blood flowing which has seen benefit with the teams/pros I have worked with!

Feel Better as a Gamer: The 5 Minute Full-Body Warmup v1

Gaming Exercise Details:

Exercise Type: Body Weight Exercises, Functional Movements Duration: 5 Minutes 2 ROUNDS OF: 10 Air Squats 10 Bent Over Y’s 10 Push-Ups  with Upward Dog 10 Calf Raises Try it out and share it with your fellow gamer 🙂 Until next time… keep it moving gamers



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