Carpal Ligament Traction

ExerciseCarpal Ligament Traction
Frequency&Duration2 Repetitions, 1 Minute each. This exercise can be performed 2-3x/day. Daily

The purpose of this exercise is to open up the space for the nerve to travel in the carpal tunnel. To perform this exercise, find the edge of a table where you can have the thumb half of your palm hang over the edge.

Starting Position

Depending on which hand you feel the symptoms, find a surface that you can hang the palm side of your hand over the edge

Traction Position

Keeping the pinky side of your hand pressed against the surface. Press and Hold the thumb side out and down toward the ground. ->

Traction Position (Different View)

You should feel a slight deep stretch in the front of your wrist. Hold this position for 1 Minute. Rest about 15-30 seconds before performing it again



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