A Glide for the Median Nerve Glide

ExerciseA Glide for the Median Nerve
Frequency&Duration10 Repetitions in Each of the 3 Positions, At least 3-4x/week

This exercise is designed to isolate and mobilize the median nerve in several positions. Begin by assuming a standing position with your arms to your side. From there you will use the arm that you are experiencing symptoms bring it into a position of tension. You will do this by standing with your wrist bent upwards toward the ceiling (with your palm down) and while keeping your elbows straight, slowly bring our arms up until you feel slight numbness or tingling. This is the Tension position. Follow the table below for the three nerve mobilizing positions.

Starting Position

Standing with Wrist Extended and pointing out to the side

Tension Position

Keeping your Wrist bent upward and elbows straight, move your arms out until you feel slight numbness or tingling in your hands

Position 1 : Shoulder Shrug and Depression

From the Tension Position, Shrug your shoulder upwards and downwards. You will feel more tingling when you bring your shoulder downwards. Repeat this motion 10x

Position 2: Wrist Bending

From the Tension Position, Bend your wrists back and forth. You will feel more tingling with your wrists all the way upward. Repeat this mobilization 10x

Position 3: Neck Bending

From the Tension Position (Wrists still bent up), bend your neck away from the arm and back. You will feel more numbness/tingling when you bend your neck away. Repeat this mobilization 10x



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