Death Gripping Mouse

3 Tips to Stop Death Griping Mouse

A lot of FPS players struggle with death gripping mouse while in high-pressure scenarios or even aim training. This can cause huge problems and tank your potential performance.

We are going to discuss 3 tips for you to learn how to stop death gripping your mouse.

With tension aiming being in the spotlight lately let’s talk about the benefits, downfalls, and what to do if you are death gripping mouse.

Guys like Struth have have pointed out that tension is a vital component to aiming and this is 100% true his video here goes over tension aiming and the spectrum of tension that can turn into death gripping.

r/FPSAimTrainer - Stop Death Gripping When Aim Training

Breaking the Death Grip Habit

The problem with tension is when it is uncontrolled or turns into what we call death-gripping. And there are 2 major reasons this can happen.

  1. Overactive sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight)
  2. Poor coordination which leads to overcompensation

r/FPSAimTrainer - Stop Death Gripping When Aim Training

When we apply tension to a mouse when aiming we are performing and isometric contraction of all the muscles in the hand, wrist, and forearm to create a rigid structure which gives us more control over the mouse but doing this for long periods of time can lead to irritation of the muscles involved.

r/FPSAimTrainer - Stop Death Gripping When Aim Training

So how do we stop this habit? One player I worked with found success after I told him to trim down some thumbtacks and tape them to his mouse so if he gripped harder than an 8/10 he felt discomfort which trained him to dial back his grip strength.

r/FPSAimTrainer - Stop Death Gripping When Aim Training

Other ways to manage this are to increase the coordination of the muscles in your wrist and forearm by building the endurance of these muscles through aim training while focusing on the smoothness of movement and trying to relax instead of having to grip the mouse as hard as possible.

Practice makes perfect.

Often times death gripping is associated with the body’s overactive stress response.

We can manage the body’s stress hormone cortisol response long-term with steady-state cardio and strength training

r/FPSAimTrainer - Stop Death Gripping When Aim Training

Your body doesn’t really understand the difference between psychological stress caused by intense moments in gaming and physiological stress caused by high-intensity cardio.

Getting your blood pumping like crazy and being out of breath are great ways to physiologically stress your body.

So training your aim immediately after performing 3-5 minutes of high-intensity cardio while trying to manage your death grip (think about holding a baby rabbit) can be a great way to rewire your brain to handle high-stress situations with calm and smooth aiming.

Our friend and resident aim champion Matty weighed in on this topic recently.

r/FPSAimTrainer - Stop Death Gripping When Aim Training

If you are experiencing pain from death gripping the mouse this is a sign your tendons are inflamed and you need to build their endurance to prevent permanent tendon degeneration.

r/FPSAimTrainer - Stop Death Gripping When Aim Training

r/FPSAimTrainer - Stop Death Gripping When Aim Training

Hope this helps some people find some strategies to break the habit!

if you have pain from death gripping check out our gaming wrist pain guides here!



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