Can Cupping really help with gaming injuries?

Recent Uses of Cupping with Injuries | Cupping & Gaming

If you have seen cupping therapy on some of your favorite athletes and wanted to know if it would be beneficial for you as a gamer, then you are in the right place. Cupping is an alternative therapy which has been utilized for centuries however was seen and popularized during the 2016 olympics. Since then more and more athletes seem to be seeking its use. This led to a lot of questioning about the evidence behind this treatment intervention. This is what led me to produce this article & video after digging into the research a bit to determine whether it has true underlying benefits and how we can utilize it as gamers (or practitioners working with gamers). As of right now there is inconsistent evidence supporting its benefits to both pain and mobility HOWEVER the majority of the studies look at static dry cupping without actual movement.

This is an important distinction and I will explain why in my video.In the video I go over some of the following topics:

  • Dry Cupping for Pain & Mobility – Deep dive into the research to understand what the evidence says about dry cupping and pain. There are some surprising results here associated with how cupping is utilized. If you are interested in some of the research and underlying physiology the beginning of the video will be a great section for you
  • Dry Cupping vs. Active cupping – The research seems to point to the idea that static cupping may not be as beneficial as active cupping (either moving cupping or cupping with active range of motion). Again I highlight these studies in the beginning of the video
  • CUPPING PROTOCOLS – After explaining some of the science and underlying physiology around cupping I go over different protocols you can use for your Neck, Back, Shoulder, Wrist, Arms.

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: if you plan to do any cupping please check with your medical provider first to see if it is safe for you. Remember while 1HP is comprised of Licensed medical practitioners the conten here does not and is not intended to constitute specific medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This video and article does not and is not intended to replace professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner and should not be used as a basis for definitive diagnosis or choice of treatment. 

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