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1HP is the most trusted organization for delivering health and performance services in the gaming industry and beyond. 

Our Mission at 1 Health Point is to Create a Health Ecosystem Where People Can Work and Play Without Pain. 

1HP Ecosystem

Multidisciplinary Health Solutions for Work and Play

Provider Education

Evidence Based Education for Healthcare Providers

Public Education

Free Online Educational Tools

Content Creation

Video Production for Health Education

Virtual Clinic

Telehealth Services For Virtual Healthcare

Esports Team Services

Multidisciplinary Esports Medicine Team Services

Corporate Wellness

Multidisciplinary Corporate Wellness Solutions


Leading Research in the Field

1HP has a rich history within the gaming industry, firmly established as a prominent brand. By assisting elite esports teams in securing numerous championships, 1HP has a proven track record of empowering high-performance gamers to achieve remarkable success. This invaluable experience grants us unique insights into effectively supporting individuals engaged in man-machine interface endeavors.


Where Do you fit into the 1hp ecosystem?


1HP Has a comprehensive suite of services for gamers that want to play without pain or optimize their health and performance. Learn from the experts in esports medicine 

Esports Team

1HP has a long track record of providing multidisciplinary esports medicine services to the biggest teams in esports. Whether you are at the professional, amateur, or scholastic level, we can help optimize the health and performance of your players. Click here to learn more about how we can provide value to your team!

Company Management

Whether you manage a company in the gaming, tech or entertainment space you understand how valuable optimizing your employee’s health and performance is. With our experience delivering multidisciplinary care to esports teams, we are optimally positioned to deliver a custom solution to your organization. Click here to learn more!

Tech Worker

Whether you work in the tech, medical, entertainment, or gaming industry – 1HP has years of experience optimizing tech work health and performance. Pursuing your passions shouldn’t be painful. Learn more about how 1HP can help you work without strain!


The Esports Health And Performance Institute was designed by the foremost professionals delivering multidisciplinary health and performance services to the gaming industry. Through this certification process you will develop the skills to work at any level of the industry. Click here to learn more!