Get Back to Playing Without Pain and Having the Freedom to Play as Long as You Want

A Wrist Health Tool built by healthcare providers with 10+ years of experience treating gaming injuries that helps you build a personalized program to get you back to gaming without pain



So you have the freedom to work without pain and enjoy gaming again

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Dear Fellow Gamer,


If you want to be able to get back to working and gaming without pain


and want to do more than just “rest”, “play less”, “take some medication and wear a brace” like so many doctors who don’t understand gaming recommend…


Then the AI Wrist Health Wizard is going to change your life. 


Here’s why: 

I’m Matt and i’m a gamer who has grown up gaming and competing in competitive games my entire life (Global Elite CS:GO, Immortal 1 Peak Valorant, #428 FNCS World Cup W1 West Solos, etc.)


I’m also a Physical Therapist and the founder of 1HP. Over the past 8 years my team and I have successfully treated over 2500 cases of gaming injuries all around the world, including people like Doublelift, Elige, Adriana Chechick, Benjyfishy, Johnqt, Hollow, and many more. 


We have seen every possible type of wrist pain injury and have seen every possible reason why the wrist pain might have developed. 


And each year we worked in gaming we learned new ways to better target these causes and get people back to gaming as quickly as possible. Always remotely and in the comfort of their own home.


Each year the best in the world would reach out to us to help get them back to playing without pain and performing at their best.


But it wasn’t just professionals. It was also analysts, software engineers, programmers, artists who would also spend a lot of time gaming after they finished work.


We were able to consistently help them get back to >90% function in just 6 weeks.


So we wondered if we could create something that would be able to help someone achieve this on their own. 


and this is how the AI Wrist Health Wizard was developed


We took our 10+ years of experience and specialized gaming expertise to create this “automatic” tool.


And the results were the exact same for our beta testers.


and now, you can use the AI Wrist Wizard to fix ANY of these pain patterns




Here is how it helps you:


  1. Identifies your specific areas of weakness based on where you feel your pain
  2. Screen for any more serious medical issues
  3. Determines any potential nerve issues
  4. Receive exact exercises & schedule changes you need to make for YOUR problem 
  5. Understand why YOUR problem might have occurred in the first place
  6. Have confidence in WHEN and HOW you will be doing the exercises and program

Interactive Testing Gives You The Most Specific Plan

Here’s a quick look at everything you’ll get when you download right now


✅ INSTANT / INFINITE ACCESS TO YOUR AI WRIST HEALTH WIZARD: Use this as many times as you like to assess and provide the correct routine for ANY type of wrist issue a gamer could possibly have – and it’s fully automated

✅ WELCOME PACK: 4 steps to accurately determine and get the most out of the AI tool – start using it immediately

✅ ENDURANCE TESTING: Access to specialized endurance tests to reveal underlying wrist and hand issues

✅ PERSONALED PROGRAM: Create highly personalized and fine-tuned programs for fully comprehensive wrist treatment and care without the need to ever see a doctor or therapist.

✅ TIME-EFFICIENT EXERCISES: Save yourself as much time as possible by only providing the exercises and stretches you actually NEED.

BONUS 1: The 1 HP Exclusive Discord Community

$47 / mo Value

✅ Exclusive access to 3 Esports PT specialists

✅ First access to competitions and giveaways

✅ Beta test new products free of charge

✅ First access to new content

✅ Active gamers and streamers sharing tips and tricks

BONUS 2: Smarter Faster Better – The 1HP healthy gaming handbook

$25 Value

✅ 33-Page Guide on How to optimize Movement, Nutrition, Sleep & Ergonomics

✅ Full Exercise Routines & Programming for strategic “intelligence boosts” for game sense and “agility boosts” for mechanical skill

✅ Tips to achieve faster reaction times and decisions (with less stress) 

✅ 5 keys to perfect gaming posture – a gaming posture “cheat sheet”.

✅ Optimal meal and hydration structure to stay focused during gaming

✅ So much more!

Total Value: $̶5̶7̶2̶

Yours today for only: $̶1̶3̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ $69.99


If you’re ready to fix your wrist pain for good, wake up with no stiffness and truly understand why you developed the wrist pain in the first place, let’s get started.





If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll issue you a full refund.




That’s how confident we are that you’ll be happy with your AI Wrist Health Wizard.

This is the ONLY place you can get an automatic and personalized care plan by using 10 years of combined Esports knowledge in a carefully trained AI tool – that can be yours to keep.

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It’s only available to you right now as part of this special deal.

So, to claim this one-time offer now…

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Any Questions? Here’s What Many Other

Gamers Have Asked Before Buying

Is the AI Wrist Wizard for me?

We've built this product to be valuable for gamers who deal with any type of wrist pain. 

This tool is for you if:

  • You have wrist pain that prevents you from gaming
  • The pain is bad enough to affect your work
  • It is no longer enjoyable to play games because of the pain and stiffness
  • You are a busy professional with limited ability to take time off to go to physical therapy
  • You might have already gone to a doctor or a physical therapist but they did not understand gaming
  • Your experience with doctors was not helpful and you were just told to stop gaming and rest
  • You were told you need surgery
What type of gamer is this for?

This is truly for any gamer and anyone who sits behind a desk for an extended period of time. Whether you play games casually or want to pursue a professional career, this tool will give you UNLIMITED access to programs that will keep your wrists & hands healthy

How long will it take for me to see some results?

Every case is different but based on some of the results we have already seen and our work most gamers notice a significant change in 2-3 weeks. Tissue adaptations for endurance typically take around 6 weeks which is when we typically see larger jumps in progress.

It is important however to recognize everyone has individual circumstances which may affect progress. Those who have more severe and chronic issues may have a longer road to recovery but nonetheless if you follow the individualized program provided you will achieve your individual wrist health goals!

I am already doing exercises, do I still need this?

Many often stumble upon great resources which provide general exercises which provide non-specific recommendations. Most often gamers are not sure how many sets and repetitions they should perform, when they should be performing and most importantly...

If what they are doing is making things worse or not! Sometimes exercises they might find from Youtube or Tik Tok cause more problems. This tool helps you understand what is NORMAL to feel when doing exercises and when / how to progress the difficulty & variables of your program.

We always encourage gamers to try a few exercises they find helpful but often that may not provide the long-term relief they are looking for. 

The AI Wrist Health Wizard is the way to skip months of finding the right exercises for yourself and getting an individualized program for your issue FAST.

Do I need anything else to use the tool?

All you need is your computer or smartphone to use the tool. 

The program will direct you and provides recommendations on certain products you can potentially utilize to complement the programming. There are options however for no-equipment exercises. 

Surgeries Prevented

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Over the past 8 years our work has helped prevent over 125 gamers from needing surgery.

Injuries Treated

0 +

We let our numbers do the talking. We have successfully treated over 2500 cases of wrist pain and counting.

Visits To Recovery

~ 0

We are able to help gamers return to gaming without pain in an average of 3 visits