3 Reasons You Don’t need Surgery, Injections or Rest to Fix Your Wrist Pain From Gaming

By Matthew Hwu, PT, DPT, OCS

Let me tell you right now, you should NEVER need surgery or injections when it comes to wrist pain with gaming.


And if you’ve only tried resting, bracing or taking a break from gaming.. you probably have noticed it didn’t really help when you tried to get back to gaming again.


This is often because traditional medicine is currently BEHIND on its understanding of treating wrist & hand injuries. And in 99% of the wrist pain cases, it is actually NOT carpal tunnel syndrome.


It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Gaming

#1 – It’s Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it’s Tendinopathy


I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy and my team and I have successfully treated over 2500 cases of wrist pain in both gaming and with tech workers. And guess what, in those 2500 cases, we only saw one MILD form of carpal tunnel syndrome and even then what was mainly involved were the tendons of the hand.


That’s right. Most wrist & hand issues are a result of TENDON irritation. And tendons need LOAD (through a specific amount of exercise) in order to maintain its health and strength. This is why the doctor recommendation of “complete rest” or “taking a break from gaming” is useless.


It doesn’t do anything to address the underlying cause of the issue


#2 – Your Muscles & Tendons have poor endurance



One of the most important things I can help you understand is that your muscles and tendons need to be strong enough to handle the repeated stress of gaming for a long time.


Many gamers, who often also work at desks, don’t have the endurance to handle both their desk work and 4-5 hours of gaming afterward. This is because they sit a lot, which makes their muscles weaker.


When we rest too much, our tissues get weaker, so it’s normal for the pain to come back. Doctors often treat the symptoms of pain (ice, bracing, injections, meds) but not what’s causing it. Surgery can remove the tissues causing pain, but it doesn’t fix the problem that made your tissues hurt in the first place.



#3 – Show me your HABITS and I’ll show you your FUTURE

You have to recognize how much stress you are placing onto the tendons / muscles of your wrist & hand and actively have a plan to manage that. That’s what we call load management


The two biggest things we can control are…

  1. How long we are playing (duh): The more we play, the more stress. Makes sense right?
  2. What we are playing (Deathmatch, vs. ranked vs. aim training) have very different intensities.

And sometimes when we combine the two with higher intensity and long duration… WITHOUT a break. We are at risk for injury.

This happens most commonly when new patches get released, near the end of a ranked season, just before an actual competitive season, starting an aim training program, etc. All times in which a lot of gaming is happening to learn the game or improve your mechanics.

So, understanding these reasons is one thing, but actually taking the effort to address endurance, schedule, habit and posture issues is another. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

I’m Matt, and I've helped many gamers like you.

I’m a Physical Therapist who has been working in gaming and esports for the past 8 years. I grew up a gamer myself and always thought it was strange that gamers needed to retire due to “injury” when the type of injuries were seemingly straightforward.

This is why my team built the AI Wrist Health Wizard, which aims to help gamers learn how they can play more and hurt less. Our passion is to help gamers learn that there are doctors that understand them and they don’t have to stop doing what they love. They don’t need surgery and that they can actually fix their wrist pain right in the comfort of their own home if they just follow our simple frameworks and personalized programs.

Want to see how we can fix your wrist pain in as little as two weeks?

Matthew Hwu - eSports Doctor

Benefits You Can Expect

SAVE TIME BY fixing ANY wrist pain TYPE AT HOME

Instead of seeing unhelpful doctors who don't understand gaming, the AI Wrist Health Wizard can accurately identify problems contributing to your wrist pain right from the comfort of your own home. We boiled down everything we have learned in the past decade working with gamers and implemented it into this tool


This tool uses our 10+ years of expertise & experience to help you identify the exact exercises you need for your problem. Designed and informed by healthcare providers who understand and specialize in gaming injuries


Many users have been able to reduce their wrist pain in as quick as TWO WEEKS. Learning exactly what was causing the injury AND what they needed to do with the highly-specific programs allowed them to achieve this

Fix Any Wrist Pain Pattern

Carpal Tunnel Tennis Elbow Golfers Elbow Tendonitis Thumb Flexors Thumb Extensors Wrist Extensors Finger Extensors Finger Flexors Wrist Flexors De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Cubital Tunnel Radial Tunnel Intersection Syndrome Wartenberg's Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Tennis Elbow Golfers Elbow Tendonitis Thumb Flexors Thumb Extensors Wrist Extensors Finger Extensors Finger Flexors Wrist Flexors De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Cubital Tunnel Radial Tunnel Intersection Syndrome Wartenberg's Syndrome

"Pain Daily to Pain Free in 4 Weeks"

I worked with 1HP for pain on the pinky side of my wrist. It was hard to do the bare minimum day to day activities without feeling any sort of discomfort or pain. I went from pain daily since December to pain free in a matter of 4 weeks.

Billy Putnam

"I never had to take time off work to go into a clinic"

A orthopedic surgeon told me to wait 8 weeks. I waited with no improvement. I worked with 1HP and in 3 weeks I was able to play tennis again without pain.

Ryan Xia

"Completely Cured my Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in a few weeks"

After suffering for 2+ years with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, 1HP was able to completely cure the condition in just a few weeks time! I was provided a few exercises and stretches that only take 10 minutes to do at night and will keep me gaming for the rest of my life!

Jacob Rondeau

How It Works


STEP 1: Get the AI Wrist Wizard

Get Access to the AI Wrist Health Wizard and in less than 10 minutes get your individualized program to fix ANY wrist pain type right from the comfort of home


STEP 2: Run the Wizard

All you have to do is run the tool and you'll be able to start with your program right away. We've already done all of the hard work and integrated our expertise into the tool.


STEP 3: FEEL BETTER and get back to gaming

Play for longer periods of time without pain after following your specific program. Check in every two weeks with the tool and tracking sheet to see your progress

Here’s a quick look at everything you’ll get when you download right now


✅ INSTANT / INFINITE ACCESS TO YOUR AI WRIST HEALTH WIZARD: Use this as many times as you like to assess and provide the correct routine for ANY type of wrist issue a gamer could possibly have – and it’s fully automated

✅ WELCOME PACK: 4 steps to accurately determine and get the most out of the AI tool – start using it immediately

✅ ENDURANCE TESTING: Access to specialized endurance tests to reveal underlying wrist and hand issues

✅ PERSONALIZED PROGRAM: Create highly personalized and fine-tuned programs for fully comprehensive wrist treatment and care without the need to ever see a doctor or therapist.

✅ TIME-EFFICIENT EXERCISES: Save yourself as much time as possible by only providing the exercises and stretches you actually NEED.

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BONUS 2: Smarter Faster Better – The 1HP healthy gaming handbook

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✅ 33-Page Guide on How to optimize Movement, Nutrition, Sleep & Ergonomics

✅ Full Exercise Routines & Programming for strategic “intelligence boosts” for game sense and “agility boosts” for mechanical skill

✅ Tips to achieve faster reaction times and decisions (with less stress) 

✅ 5 keys to perfect gaming posture – a gaming posture “cheat sheet”.

✅ Optimal meal and hydration structure to stay focused during gaming

✅ So much more!


BONUS 3: Gaming Wrist Pain Guide – Secrets to Eliminating Wrist Pain in 8 Weeks or Less

$50 Value

✅ Learn the secrets we use when prescribing exercises to the pros with this ebook 

✅ Understand the reasoning for dealing with the root cause of repetitive strain injuries

✅ Includes massage gun instruction videos

✅Includes sample load management schedules

Total Value: $̶6̶2̶2̶

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If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll issue you a full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Ready to Play More and Hurt Less?

Any Questions? Here’s What Many Other

Gamers Have Asked Before Buying

Is the AI Wrist Wizard for me?

We've built this product to be valuable for gamers who deal with any type of wrist pain. 

This tool is for you if:

  • You have wrist pain that prevents you from gaming
  • The pain is bad enough to affect your work
  • It is no longer enjoyable to play games because of the pain and stiffness
  • You are a busy professional with limited ability to take time off to go to physical therapy
  • You might have already gone to a doctor or a physical therapist but they did not understand gaming
  • Your experience with doctors was not helpful and you were just told to stop gaming and rest
  • You were told you need surgery
What type of gamer is this for?

This is truly for any gamer and anyone who sits behind a desk for an extended period of time. Whether you play games casually or want to pursue a professional career, this tool will give you UNLIMITED access to programs that will keep your wrists & hands healthy

How long will it take for me to see some results?

Every case is different but based on some of the results we have already seen and our work most gamers notice a significant change in 2-3 weeks. Tissue adaptations for endurance typically take around 6 weeks which is when we typically see larger jumps in progress.

It is important however to recognize everyone has individual circumstances which may affect progress. Those who have more severe and chronic issues may have a longer road to recovery but nonetheless if you follow the individualized program provided you will achieve your individual wrist health goals!

I am already doing exercises, do I still need this?

Many often stumble upon great resources which provide general exercises which provide non-specific recommendations. Most often gamers are not sure how many sets and repetitions they should perform, when they should be performing and most importantly...

If what they are doing is making things worse or not! Sometimes exercises they might find from Youtube or Tik Tok cause more problems. This tool helps you understand what is NORMAL to feel when doing exercises and when / how to progress the difficulty & variables of your program.

We always encourage gamers to try a few exercises they find helpful but often that may not provide the long-term relief they are looking for. 

The AI Wrist Health Wizard is the way to skip months of finding the right exercises for yourself and getting an individualized program for your issue FAST.

Do I need anything else to use the tool?

All you need is your computer or smartphone to use the tool. 

The program will direct you and provides recommendations on certain products you can potentially utilize to complement the programming. There are options however for no-equipment exercises.