Learn How to Finally Fix your
Gaming Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is the biggest problem for gamers, artists, and tech workers and most people have no idea how to fix it


Anybody that has dealt with wrist pain knows how annoying it can be and it honestly makes you feel like not doing the things you love.


We know how confusing it can be to endlessly search the internet for random advice or talk to a doctor who talks to you for 2 minutes and tells you to quit using the computer or wear a brace…🙄


If you’ve actually done any of that, you know it doesn’t help and the pain always comes back. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to learn the 3 main reasons wrist pain happens and how you can fix it. 


Now I know you’re thinking… “Why should I listen to these random guys on the internet?”


Well, we are the doctors of physical therapy pro esports teams and players call when they need to get back in the game as FAST as possible. 


We have helped thousands of gamers recover from repetitive strain injuries and we have this 💩 down to a science.

We want to give YOU the opportunity to pick our brain, which is why we are hosting this masterclass.


Live Thursday 7/11 @ 4PM PST



Hi, my name is Matthew Hwu


I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has been working in the esports industry with Tier 1 orgs such as 100 Thieves, NRG, Flyquest, Shopify Rebellion, and many more for close to 10 years. I’m ready to share the 3 BIGGEST SECRETS about wrist pain your doctor hasn’t told you… 


Spoiler. it isn’t carpal tunnel. 

Injuries Treated

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We let our numbers do the talking. We have successfully treated over 2500 cases of wrist pain and counting.

Surgeries Prevented

0 +

Over the past 8 years our work has helped prevent over 125 gamers from needing surgery.

Visits To Recovery

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We are able to help gamers return to gaming without pain in an average of 3 visits