Your digital clinic for tech injuries

Get personalized, virtual care from medical professionals who have a deep understanding of tech work strain.

We will be asking about your peripherals, ergonomics, work schedule and also perform specific postural and movement analyses to determine the underlying causes of your pain

We'll help you work without strain,
no matter where you feel it

Elbows & Forearm

Address weakness in the forearms
leading to common issues like mouse elbow

Wrist & Hand
The most common pain region for desk workers,
and almost never carpal tunnel syndrome

Stiffness is common at the shoulder region for desk workers
often due to the posture and can occasionally
lead to symptoms in the hand

Neck & Upper Back
Reduce headaches, neck tightness and upper back pain
commonly associated with suboptimal working postures
during long sessions

Lower Back & Hips
Strengthen the muscles surrounding the
lower back and hips to increase your
ability to tolerate longer working sessions

1HP’s roots are in the gaming industry. We specialize in optimizing the health and performance of everybody from the highest rated pros to the office staff that supports them. Our multidisciplinary methods have been proven to get the pros back to100% when it matters most. Whether you are dealing with pain or strain let us help you get back to what you are most passionate about!