Just had a session done going over my posture and identifying potential causes of why my shoulder blade sometimes hurts with @HPforGamers and I learned a TON. Definitely recommend checking out his content for anyone looking to improve your posture or fix any RSI related stuff!!

Elige | CS:GO posture & shoulder discomfort

"Matt has been helping me out a lot with my wrist pain, if you are having wrist issues yourself id highly recommend you check him out :)"

Benjyfishy | Fortnite Wrist pain

"1HP and Matt have had a huge impact on my entire life. Starting from wrist health to helping me reach my physical goals. Cant thank these guys enough for the tremendous help"

Liquid Riversan | Fortnite physical health optimization

"Elliot taught me about the muscles in my hand and gave me exercises to make them stronger. He also helped me break down my controller aim mechanics using science."

AV | Fortnite wrist pain

Shoutout to @HPforGamers hes helping with my wrist alot lately and has really good knowledge in everything around, if you need help with something hit him up

JannisZ | Fortnite wrist pain

huge thanks to @HPforGamers for helping me with my wrist the past months would recommend

Chapix | Fortnite wrist pain

So glad that my wrist is feeling better day by day. Super grateful to be able to chat with @HPforGamers to help explain whats going on with my wrist and why its happened and also hooked me up with some exercise routines to help get me back to headshottin, ya lovee to see ittt

Soulcas | Valorant wrist pain

huge shoutout to @HPforGamers for helping me recover from my wrist injury, 11/10 best guy in the business.

Danny (RossyUA) | Valorant wrist pain

"Dr Kevin has helped me like no other physical therapist could in the past. I went from not being able to stream/game for very long to being able to game/stream for hours on end again. After meeting Kevin he quickly made a plan and the rest is history. Even though I am not completely pain free, I am confident that I will get back to 100%." - Spacious, Streamer

Spacious (Spacious_CS) | CS:GO Posterior Shoulder / Mid Back (3 year history)

Still contracted to Order but have permission to explore options for 2022 JG 3x seasons rank 1 1x rookie split LCO (4th/5th) Note: Played with a wrist brace for the season, huge thank you to @DrKevHo for enabling me to play with my wrist for future years Smiling face with smiling eyes Contact: DMs/Veng#8972

Vengence | League of Legends Wrist pain (in brace)

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