Develop Better Players for Better Performance

Help your team and esports athletes develop a competitive edge by providing the structures to help
them master themselves inside and outside of the game

1HP Health and performance solutions are PROACTIVE and comprehensive. We start with a touchstone provider who works closely with coaches and staff, resulting in consistency and stronger rapport with players, Our team performs a comprehensive needs analysis to identify players’ current status, risk factors, and priorities.
Using this assessment, we establish weekly check-ins and provide targeted interventions to address concerns related to sleep, nutrition, mental performance, injury prevention, and exercise identified during the initial assessment, The touchstone provider acts as a liaison between players and 1HP staff to make the process as smooth and seamless for players as possible.

Regular Health & Performance Education

Education regarding relevant topics of wellness and performance (Sleep optimization, posture & ergonomics with gaming, performance framework & integrity as a player, etc.)

Player Health Standards

Develop structured health standards based on the initial needs analysis and movement screening score criteria

Individualized Health & Performance Programming

Individualized programming will be developed based on the comprehensive needs analysis. Players will have a consistent meeting structure to progress athletes along the metrics of wellness / performance

Physical & Mental Health assessment and management system

Pipeline for physical and mental health concerns

In-Person or Remote Mobility Routines

Pre-practice mobility sessions focused on addressing the common areas of tightness and weakness for gamers.

Cognitive and Physical Load Assessment

Validated outcomes measure to track cognitive and physical load for the esports team to aid coaches and performance staff in making appropriate practice decisions

Group Mental Performance and Leadership Sessions

Players & Coaches to work with an Esports Psychologist to build leadership skills, establish clear communication patterns, define their coaching philosophy, team bonding facilitation, etc.

Team Travel Optimization & Management

Jet lag optimization, physical health & nutrition preparation for expected competitive schedule

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1HP has partnered with Akolyte to provide esports performance services to teams



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