How can we help you?






Game without Pain

Whether you’re just starting to experience pain and looking to fix it before it progresses, or have been dealing with a longstanding injury, we can help. Our team of musculoskeletal medicine professionals perform a thorough evaluation to understand the nature of your injury, identify the contributing factors, and develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment program. Most importantly, we make sure you understand your injury, your program, and how to keep gaming without pain.

Work Without Strain

Whether you work in the tech, medical, entertainment, or gaming industry – 1HP has years of experience optimizing tech work health and performance. Pursuing your passions shouldn’t be painful. Learn more about how 1HP can help you work without strain!


Our staff of fitness professionals are here to help you meet your goals! Whether you want to build strength, lose fat, get more flexible, or prevent injuries, we can help by building a fitness program that's tailored to you and your goals.


Food is what fuels your performance. Good nutrition doesn’t just keep you healthy, it helps you perform at your best. Our registered dietitian will help you with a nutritional plan that fits you and your goals, from weight loss to muscle gain to better competitive focus.

Stronger Mental Wins

Gaming doesn’t just require fast reflexes and precise movements--it at starts in your brain. To play at your best, training cognitive skills like selective and sustained attention, response inhibition, emotional self-regulation, and visual/auditory processing is key. Our mental skills staff include clinical psychologists, sleep specialists, and esports performance professionals with the knowledge and experience to keep your brain at its best.