Gaming Wrist Pain Guide (PM)

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Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today

✅ How as little as 3 20-second exercises can eliminate all types of wrist pain in 8 weeks or less – (and how to perform them anywhere at any time).

✅ The exact function that each exercise will improve speed and mobility with – eg mouse movement/ clicking

✅ How doing nothing during a break can actually make your symptoms worse! (And how to use 6 crucial minutes to improve your performance when you get back to gaming).

✅ How a 3-5 minute self-massage can prepare you and allow you to play longer and harder than your competition (eg for weekend tournaments)

✅ Why your posture and ergonomics are actually putting more load on your muscles, and 3 quick fixes that will allow you to play for longer.

✅ What scale of pain is acceptable during the recovery process and exactly how to tell if you’re making your wrist pain better or worse

✅ Why the most common type of player (player A) WILL suffer wrist pain at some point and how you can ensure that you are player B.

✅ A personalized exercise regime depending on the location of your pain – fix your particular wrist pain archetype as fast as possible – (Value $49.99)

✅ Video guides on how to perform each exercise properly. (Value $29.99)

Embark on your journey to pain-free gaming by understanding the “why” behind exercises, posture modifications, and lifestyle adjustments. Skip to the region selector and start your transformative experience now. Trust 1HP’s Gaming Wrist Pain Guide for a proactive and sustainable approach to your gaming well-being.



✦ Expert Design: Crafted by the renowned 1HP esports medicine team, ensuring reliable and effective guidance.

✦ Region-Specific Programs: Target your specific pain areas with tailored six-week programs designed for both PC and Console gamers.

✦ Holistic Approach: Emphasizing the importance of daily exercises and healthy habits to manage and prevent gaming-related injuries.

✦ Lifestyle Integration Guidelines: Prioritizing factors like play duration and muscle/tendon endurance, providing a comprehensive solution.

✦ Easy-to-Follow Steps: Simply choose your region of pain, follow the recommended program, and consider your schedule and other relevant factors.

✦ Long-Term Solution: Understand that injury management requires time and consistency, offering a sustainable approach to pain relief.

✦ Educational Insights: Gain valuable knowledge about gaming injuries and pain, empowering you to make informed decisions about your gaming habits.