1HP Injury Coaching

We know repetitive stress injuries from gaming can be painful, confusing, and lead to long term problems. That’s why we offer 1HP Injury Coaching!


Get personalized, virtual care from medical professionals who understand gaming. We will be asking about your peripherals, ergonomics, gaming schedule and also perform gaming-specific movement analyses. 


If you saw your primary care doctor and felt they weren’t able to help you because they did not understand gaming, you are in the right place.

Elbows & Forearm

Address weakness in the forearms
leading to common issues like mouse elbow

Wrist & Hand
The most common pain region for gamers,
and almost never carpal tunnel syndrome

Stiffness is common at the shoulder region for gamers
often due to the posture and can occasionally
lead to symptoms in the hand

Neck & Upper Back
Reduce headaches, neck tightness and upper back pain
commonly associated with suboptimal gaming postures
during long sessions

Lower Back & Hips
Strengthen the muscles surrounding the
lower back and hips to increase your
ability to tolerate longer gaming sessions

World Class Support Right at Home

Here’s everything you’ll receive with 1HP Injury Coaching

✅ Ongoing consultation to keep you in optimal competitive shape tailored to your schedule and gaming style


✅ Able to resolve most issues in an average of 3 visits over 6 weeks


✅ 24 / 7 discord access to healthcare providers


✅ We coach each individual with industry-leading tools and assessments 


✅ Fully comprehensive injury evaluation from our professionals 

✅ 2 weeks average – improvement in function 50 to 70% depending on severity


✅Interactive home exercise plan with integrated progress tracking


✅Unlimited Support & follow-up (Check in to discuss progress, setbacks and ANY questions you have)


✅ Virtual posture and ergonomic analysis with exercise progressions for your program


✅Personalized plan and recovery education

100% Guarantee to see progress or your money back

Just had a session done going over my posture and identifying potential causes of why my shoulder blade sometimes hurts with @HPforGamers and I learned a TON. Definitely recommend checking out his content for anyone looking to improve your posture or fix any RSI related stuff!!

Elige | CS:GO Posture & Shoulder Pain

Matt has been helping me out a lot with my wrist pain, if you are having wrist issues yourself id highly recommend you check him out 🙂 He was able to help me resolve my wrist pain in 2 weeks after it affected my ability to play Valorant

Benjyfishy | Valorant Wrist pain

"1HP and Matt have had a huge impact on my entire life. Starting from wrist health to helping me reach my physical goals. Cant thank these guys enough for the tremendous help"

Liquid Riversan | Fortnite Physical Health Prevention & Optimization

"Elliot taught me about the muscles in my hand and gave me exercises to make them stronger. He also helped me break down my controller aim mechanics using science."

AV | Fortnite wrist pain

When I started feeling intense pain, the professional medical help I received either did nothing or made the problems worse. This affected my work and self-esteem. I finally found 1HP, and started working with Nick Fulco who explained in detail the problems I'd developed and how to fix them. 4 weeks later I am feeling immensely better. I get stronger all the time and I can do more and more. I can easily recommend their services to any gamers experiencing pain.

David West | Casual Gamer Wrist Pain

I play Fortnite professionally and i reached out to 1HP and started working with them about 2 weeks ago and helped my hand injuries insanely to the point where i dont feel any pain anymore worked with Dr Hwu and he helped me a lot and now i can have a long lasting gaming career 😀

Queasy | Fortnite Wrist Pain

huge thanks to @HPforGamers for helping me with my wrist the past months would recommend

Chapix | Fortnite Wrist Pain

So glad that my wrist is feeling better day by day. Super grateful to be able to chat with @HPforGamers to help explain whats going on with my wrist and why its happened and also hooked me up with some exercise routines to help get me back to headshottin, ya lovee to see ittt

Soulcas | Valorant Wrist Pain

huge shoutout to @HPforGamers for helping me recover from my wrist injury, 11/10 best guy in the business.

Danny (RossyUA) | Valorant wrist pain

Still contracted to Order but have permission to explore options for 2022 JG 3x seasons rank 1 1x rookie split LCO (4th/5th) Note: Played with a wrist brace for the season, huge thank you to @DrKevHo for enabling me to play with my wrist for future years Smiling face with smiling eyes Contact: DMs/Veng#8972

Vengence | League of Legends Wrist pain (in brace)

I have been working on arm, hand, wrist, and elbow pain that's been bothering me for a few years. I've tried other PT companies and didn't make much progress. I made more progress working with Nick Fulco at 1hp than months of in person PT. It has improved my pain and endurance a lot. I'm very happy with my experience.

Austin Wonka | Casual Gamer Wrist Pain

How it works

Save time and return to gaming or work more quickly with care right in front of your PC. Apply now for your first first consultation and we’ll reach out upon review.


Apply for 1-on-1 Coaching. Apply for 1v1 Coaching w/ 1HP Staff. Limited slots available during professional esports seasons. With 1HP you’ll get access to a lifelong care provider to ensure you can game without pain and work without strain. 


Upon acceptance, we’ll start with a basic intake form to help us understand more about what you’re feeling and how it’s affecting you when you play. This lets us tailor your evaluation to fit you and your unique needs.

Receive Plan

After the evaluation we send you an interactive recovery plan with exercise videos you can reference specific to your issue. You can also chat with us directly using our HIPAA-compliant platform.


Book follow-ups with us to make sure you are making progress and answer any questions associated with your recovery program. Your recovery and maintenance plans are made to fit you, not an insurance company’s timeline.