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One-of-a-kind membership providing up to a 95% discount to evidence-based coursework from 1HP AND direct access to the leaders in both research and clinical practice for esports coaching and performance

The collegiate esports landscape is evolving rapidly.

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to equip your coaches, directors, and athletic trainers with the knowledge and tools to support your athletes' performance and well-being.

The ECAC Health & Performance memberships offers a unique solution, providing evidence-based education, expert mentorship, and ongoing support to cultivate a thriving esports ecosystem at your university.

Just had a session done going over my posture and identifying potential causes of why my shoulder blade sometimes hurts with @HPforGamers and I learned a TON. Definitely recommend checking out his content for anyone looking to improve your posture or fix any RSI related stuff!!

Elige | CS:GO posture & shoulder discomfort

"Matt has been helping me out a lot with my wrist pain, if you are having wrist issues yourself id highly recommend you check him out :)"

Benjyfishy | Fortnite Wrist pain

"1HP and Matt have had a huge impact on my entire life. Starting from wrist health to helping me reach my physical goals. Cant thank these guys enough for the tremendous help"

Liquid Riversan | Fortnite physical health optimization

"Elliot taught me about the muscles in my hand and gave me exercises to make them stronger. He also helped me break down my controller aim mechanics using science."

AV | Fortnite wrist pain

Shoutout to @HPforGamers hes helping with my wrist alot lately and has really good knowledge in everything around, if you need help with something hit him up

JannisZ | Fortnite wrist pain

huge thanks to @HPforGamers for helping me with my wrist the past months would recommend

Chapix | Fortnite wrist pain

So glad that my wrist is feeling better day by day. Super grateful to be able to chat with @HPforGamers to help explain whats going on with my wrist and why its happened and also hooked me up with some exercise routines to help get me back to headshottin, ya lovee to see ittt

Soulcas | Valorant wrist pain

huge shoutout to @HPforGamers for helping me recover from my wrist injury, 11/10 best guy in the business.

Danny (RossyUA) | Valorant wrist pain

Still contracted to Order but have permission to explore options for 2022 JG 3x seasons rank 1 1x rookie split LCO (4th/5th) Note: Played with a wrist brace for the season, huge thank you to @DrKevHo for enabling me to play with my wrist for future years Smiling face with smiling eyes Contact: DMs/Veng#8972

Vengence | League of Legends Wrist pain (in brace)

Here's everything you'll get with your membership

✅ EXPERT GUIDANCE: Equip your coaches and directors with the tools to build systems to keep players healthy, prevent injuries and improving team performance through the EHPI Foundations Course and EHPI Esports Coaching Certifications, developed by the foremost authorities in esports medicine and coaching.

✅ BUILD A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: Leverage expertise from the 1HP staff to establish strategies to keep your college players and teams at their optimal health

✅ INCREASE CONFIDENCE & TEAM PERFORMANCE: Consult with 1HP staff to work through communication or team dynamic issues within your collegiate teams

✅ EDUCATE YOUR ATHLETIC TRAINING STAFF: Provide your athletic trainers with essential knowledge and guidance through EHPI medical courses and ongoing support through office hours with 1HP esports medicine staff

✅ EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO PERFORMANCE SPECIALISTS: Ask us questions directly about issues you might be dealing with right now, or issues you are worried about in the future with your teams. We'll work through the solutions together

✅ PROACTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING: Benefit from quarterly educational sessions about topics YOU CHOOSE featuring sports psychologists, coach development experts and healthcare professionals, addressing critical topics in player health and performance

✅ PERFORMANCE COMMUNITY: Gain valuable insights and share best practices with colleagues in a supportive environment through regular mentorship circles

✅ EXPERT CONSULTATION CALLS: Access personalized consultations with leading experts in esports medicine to address specific program needs. (Note: this benefit increases with higher tiers)

Who is this for? 

Coaches & directors to learn the foundations 

of all aspects of esports health

PART 1 - Understanding the Performance & Health Landscape in Esports Medicine

Module 1: Overview of the Current State of Health and Performance Gain a deep understanding of the current landscape of Esports health and performance, including key trends, challenges, and opportunities.


Module 2: Esports Athlete Culture Dive into the unique culture of Esports athletes, exploring their mindset, routines, and the factors that contribute to their success.


Module 3: Role of Health Professionals in Esports Learn about the crucial role health professionals play in supporting Esports athletes, including strategies for optimizing physical and mental well-being.


Module 4: Understanding Esports Titles Explore the diverse world of Esports titles, gaining insights into the mechanics, strategies, and specific demands of popular games.


Module 5: Current Issues in Esports Medicine and Performance Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and challenges in Esports medicine and performance, and discover strategies for addressing them effectively.

PART 2 - Principles of Posture & Ergonomics In Gaming and Esports Medicine

Module 1: Posture and Ergonomics Basics for Esports: PC Learn the fundamental principles of posture and ergonomics specifically tailored for PC gaming. 


Module 2: Esports Postural Ergonomics Assessment Tool / Outcome Measure (Downloadable PDF) Access a valuable resource designed to assess and measure postural ergonomics in Esports athletes.


Module 3: Common Postural Faults in Gaming Identify and address common postural faults observed in gamers. 


Module 4: How to Teach Posture to Gamers Discover effective methods for teaching proper posture to gamers. 

PART 3 - Esports Technique - How Mechanical Skills Affect Musculoskeletal Health in Gaming

Module 1: Relevant Anatomy as it Relates to Mechanical Skill in Gaming


Module 2: Gaming Input Devices (Peripherals)


Module 3: Mechanical Skill and Game Sense in Esports


Module 4: Esports Physical Load Analysis

PART 4 - Foundations of Esports Nutrition

Casey Thomas: Relevant Overview of Macro/Micronutrients and Supplements as it Relates to Esports Nutrition

PART 5 - Foundations of Esports Sleep Optimization

Daniel Bonner MPsych: First Principles of Sleep Optimization as it Relates to Esports Performance.

PART 6 - Foundations of Exercise for Esports

Dr. Matt Hwu DPT, PT, OCS, CSCS: Exploration of different exercise and mobility fundamentals and their applications to esports medicine.

Who is this for? 

Esports Coaches & Directors learning how to establish the fundamentals for their esports program and teams

Educator Course - Establishing an Esports Program

Our EHPI Esports Educator Level 1 course is a modular course that aims to provide you with a basic understanding of the esports industry; from its current challenges to its key stakeholders; as well as practical information that will help you establish an esports club or programme.

Essentially; this course will equip you with the essential knowledge to act if you're asked by your school or college to set-up an esports team; club or programme. Ultimately; our aim is that this course informs and inspires educators to embrace esports and provide empowering experiences to their students.

Level 1 - Fundamentals of Esports Coaching

The EHPI Level 1 Esports Coaching course aims to get current and aspiring esports coaching thinking about the role of the coach in esports and introduce them to several fundamental topics for supporting players.

A range of sources; reflective questions and practical techniques are introduced in order to help the learner to better understand the tasks of an esports coach and establish/refine their approach to coaching.

Module 1: The Role of the Coach

Module 2: Building the Relationship

Module 3: Introduction to Motivation

Module 4: Planning & Delivering Sessions

Module 5: Child Development & Parents in Esports

Level 2 - Coaching for Performance

The EHPI Level 2 Esports Coaching course builds on Level 1 and deepens coaches’ understanding of both their own coaching practice and how to set their players up for success.

By covering topics such as confidence, performance evaluation and coaching philosophy, our Level 2 course arms coaches with the holistic skills to find long term success in their roles.

Module 1: Coaching Philosophy

Module 2: Building Confidence

Module 3: Motivating & Empowering Players

Module 4: Performance Preparation & Evaluation

Module 5: Safeguarding in Esports


ECAC Exclusive Coaching & Performance Discord Community


Discounted Access to Industry-Leading Courses. Equip your coaches and directors with the EHPI Foundations Course and EHPI Coaching Certifications, developed by the foremost authorities in esports medicine and coaching. 

Access to Direct Expert Consultation


Setup a consultation directly with 1HP’s experts to help your program, team and athletes develop a competitive edge by providing the structures to help them master themselves inside and outside of the game

Address specific needs of your program and the unique issues your teams might be dealing with informed by 14+ years of esports performance experience

1HP will work with you to establish a solution customized to fit the needs of your program