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In this episode of The cATalyzing Podcast, Ryan interviews Dr Elliot Smithson DPT, PT, MS, ATC, EMT-B, Co-founder and lead clinician for 1-HP and the Esports Health & Performance Institute about healthcare in esports. We dive deep into the health and wellness concerns the esports Community faces. Also take note of the focus on mental health – some crossover tips here to carry over into supporting the overall health and wellbeing of our team members as leaders. Highlights: – What lead to Dr Smithson to work in esports and become Co-Founder & Head of Business and Product Development and Head of Esports Medicine for 1-HP

– What does their healthcare team look like?

– How does the intensive training and competition schedule of esports athletes impact their physical health?

– Common health issues and concerns that arise as a result how are they addressed within the esports industry

– Mental health is a significant aspect of overall well-being for esports athletes. How does the competitive nature of esports, including the pressure to perform and the potential for burnout, impact the mental health of players?

– What support systems or resources are available to esports athletes to address mental health concerns, and how can the industry as a whole better prioritize mental well-being?

– Advice for the use of telehealth/telemedicine to serve the esports population

– Info about the E-Sports Health & Performance Institute. 

About Dr Elliot Smithson:

He got his undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida in Athletic Training, a Masters from Marshall University in Athletic Training, and a doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, and has been working in sports and entertainment medicine since 2013. He transitioned into esports medicine in 2019, and became co-founder and a lead clinician for 1-HP and the Esports Health & Performance Institute. Additionally, he runs an outpatient sports therapy clinic in Beverly Hills and works with a number of teams and schools to make sure players have the best health and performance programming possible.

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