1HP and Akolyte Team Up to Boost Esports Health and Performance

Multidisciplinary health and performance organizations 1HP and Akolyte have teamed-up to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no gamer has gone before expand their efforts to provide the best possible care and education to gamers around the world.

1HP, based in North America, and Akolyte, based in Europe, are renowned for their work with players, coaches and teams from a range of games and competitive levels, including in the LCS and LEC, DPC, and CDL. Both groups pride themselves on ensuring that their support is delivered by qualified practitioners, and prioritizes the holistic health and well-being of those they work with. Where 1HP leads in esports physical health and therapy, the Akolyte team is highly-regarded for their applied work in sport psychology and coaching.

The alliance between 1HP and Akolyte comes at a crucial time for esports as issues of sustainability are forcing orgs to reevaluate their approach. For both 1HP and Akolyte, the long-term success of competitive orgs in esports will come down to how well they are able to support their performers–including players, coaches and content creators. With the range of services available and international reach, 1HP and Akolyte are lowering the barrier to orgs to access the highest-level of care and training.

1HP Founder Dr. Matthew Hwu, PT : “I’m incredibly excited about our partnership with Akolyte. Our goal has always been a top-down and bottom-up approach to driving change and improved standards of care in the gaming and esports communities. This partnership gives us the opportunity to work with experts in their field, with both research and practical experience, and will help us both make top-tier support services even more accessible.”

Akolyte Head of Performance Callum Abbott: “We are delighted to be working with 1HP, helping to join the worlds of esport physical health, performance, psychology, and coaching. This represents a brilliant opportunity to support the holistic health and well-being of esports players and coaches by combing the quality knowledge and practitioners of both 1HP and Akolyte.”

Akolyte Links:

Website: www.akolyte.pro

Twitter: @AkolyteEsports

1HP Links:
Website: www.1-hp.org

Twitter: @1HP_Official



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