International Moves: TI7 Part 2

Yesterday, we went over stretches and exercises you can do without ever leaving your chair. Today’s piece will go over what you can do with a bit of a longer break.


Option 1:

Go for a walk! Either around the outside of Key Arena or around the hallways inside. Focus on standing up tall, taking long strides, and breathing deeply using the diaphragmatic techniques described yesterday.


Option 2:

Key Arena is full of stairs. Take advantage of them! You should feel your glutes, quads, and calves working to power you up the stairs. Focus on staying upright rather than leaning forward.


Option 3:

Try this short bodyweight workout! Each exercise should be performed for 1 minute, alternating with a 1 minute rest.

Standing calf raise


Standing marches

Standing diaphragmatic breaths with external rotation

Seated press-ups on armrests

Got questions about any of these? Tweet @CaitMcGeePT or come find me at Key Arena!



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