International Moves: TI7 Part 1

Welcome to the first of a week-long burst of Dota articles on 1HP Gaming! For those of us watching The International, either at Key Arena or at home, it’s one of the most entertaining and most exciting times of the year. It’s also the time of year where we spend even more time sitting (albeit while enjoying WAOW and AW GEEZ THEY’RE ALL DEAD and IT’S A DISASTAH-level plays).

Even if it’s not the same type of stress as the small, repetitive movements required of gaming, sitting for prolonged periods of time is still less than ideal for your heart, lungs, spine, and legs.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to reduce the negative effects of sitting. Getting up and moving every half hour is ideal, but even just taking short stretching and movement breaks between each game is worth it. Today’s post is an easy series of stretches and exercises that can be done without ever leaving your viewing setting of choice, be it a stadium seat, the Key Arena lawn, or your gaming chair at home.

Diaphragmatic breathing with overhead reach

It’s easy to slump down, relax, and forget to breathe deeply. Use this exercise to open your chest and lungs.

Spine twist using armrests

Make use of what’s available to you! Use the armrests to apply gentle overpressure for a rotation stretch. Don’t push to the point of pain; just allow your spine to rotate easily. Hold for at least 30 seconds on each side.

Squat to chair

You should be aiming to stand up at least every 30 minutes. Use that time to improve circulation in your legs by doing a set of 10 squats in front of your chair, using the form demonstrated by Matt above.

Seated calf raises

You can also keep your blood pumping while sitting! Make sure to squeeze your calf muscles while performing calf raises for best effects.

If you’re at Key Arena this week, you might spot me doing these! Snap a picture, either of me or of exercises of your own, and tweet at @CaitMcGeePT for a shoutout. Keep an eye out for more Dota-related content this week, and enjoy the incredible spectacle of TI7!



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