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  • 4 quick warmup routines proven to prepare muscles, increase cognitive function, promote blood flow and improve focus


  • 3 break time routines to address strain, alleviate and prevent headaches, and recover as fast as possible


  • 2 cooldown routines to allow you to play more, and hurt less


  • How to eat properly before competition for higher energy levels, slower fatigue, and faster recovery


  • How even slight dehydration can affect attention, motor skills, short-term memory, tracking objects, and reaction time – and how to make sure you’re optimally hydrated during a competition


  • How to increase reaction time and accuracy by 4.3% with a simple sleep adjustment – this can be the difference between winning and losing!


  • A head-to-toe breakdown of exactly how your posture should look while gaming


  • 5 keys to perfect gaming posture – a gaming posture “cheat sheet”.


  • More posture tips for console gamers


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Injuries Treated

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We let our numbers do the talking. We have successfully treated over 2500 cases of wrist pain and counting.

Surgeries Prevented

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Over the past 8 years our work has helped prevent over 125 gamers from needing surgery.

Visits To Recovery

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We are able to help gamers return to gaming without pain in an average of 3 visits