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Just had a session done going over my posture and identifying potential causes of why my shoulder blade sometimes hurts with @HPforGamers and I learned a TON. Definitely recommend checking out his content for anyone looking to improve your posture or fix any RSI related stuff!!
Jonathan "Elige" Jablonowski
Professional CS:2 Player
I had an amazing experience working with Matt with everything ranging from injuries to my personal fitness goals and making meaningful impact on my physique. Highly recommend!
Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng
Professional League of Legends Player

After accepting this exclusive offer, you’ll gain entry to our Competitive Gamer Health Coaching Program, where our team of experts will provide you with personalized treatment plans to maximize your gaming performance and health.


In other words – in just 6 weeks you’ll be perfectly poised to enjoy endless gaming sessions free from wrist pain, and be performing physical functions faster, more accurately, and more efficiently than ever.


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✅ Able to resolve most issues in an average of 3 visits over 6 weeks


✅ 2 weeks average – improvement in function 50 to 70% depending on severity


✅ We coach each individual with industry-leading tools and assessments 


✅ Fully comprehensive injury evaluation from our professionals 


✅ Personalized Therapeutic Coaching From Esports Medicine Specialists

✅24 / 7 chat access to healthcare providers


✅Interactive home exercise plan with integrated progress tracking


✅Remote Physical Therapy Followup


✅Exercise Progression and Form Review


✅Personalized plan and recovery education


✅Interactive home exercise plan with integrated progress tracking


✅Access to medical records


✅Posture and Ergonomic Modification


✅Every previous bonus mentioned in your AI Wrist Health Wizard + Secrets to Eliminating Wrist Pain in 8 Weeks or Less



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Dr. Matthew Hwu, PT, OCS, CSCS

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